Not Your Ordinary Wedding Videography Crew:

We have something to admit. Our team does not simply video weddings.

What inspires us is the raw emotion, story and unique moments that make up your entire wedding day. That’s why we just don’t simply video weddings, but we tell full love stories through our cinematic wedding films.

In order to capture the beauty of your Key West destination weddings, you’ll need more than what the average wedding videographer has to offer. Most videographers focus on the who/what/where. What inspires us is the emotion and passion of a wedding day. We believe that’s what should be captured in a wedding video. We’ll work closely with you to ensure we capture the heart and emotion of your wedding day to create a film that you’ll cherish long after you’ve left the Florida Keys.


meet owner Jon

Jon will be your “creative eye” and will constantly scoure the scenery for an amazing shot. He works non-stop to ensure the crew is prepared for each shoot and planning for everything that may arise. He’s aware of the surroundings and ready to act fast for anything that comes at the team!


meet producer + editor Jessica

Jessica’s your “roll with the punches” sort of gal. She’s extremely detail oriented (which is extremely important when it comes to weddings) and she will make sure all details of the video come together. Her warm personality makes her easy to connect with and she’ll bring a smile and a good vibe to your big day!



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